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"Sleep Eazy FB Giveaway" Terms & Conditions

(1) Organizer and eligibility

1. Vitamode "Sleep Eazy Giveaway" ("the Giveaway") is organized by Medispec (M) Sdn Bhd ("the Organizer").

2. The Giveaway is only open to all Malaysian citizens who live in Malaysia from 4th Mar - 31st Mar 2023.


3. Participants must be aged 18 years old and above, as stated on their NRIC/Passport (as of 2023)


By participating in this Contest, each participate (interchangeably referred to as “Participant”, “You” or “Your”) agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

(2) Period

1. The Giveaway will start on 4th March 2023 and will last until 11:59 pm on 31st March 2023 ("the Period"). The Organizer reserves the right to change or extend the Period at any time without prior notice to any party. Unless otherwise specified by the Organizer, participation in this Giveaway must comply with the terms and conditions that are continuously valid. Those who participate beyond the Period will automatically be disqualified.


(3) Participation method

1. Eligible participants who want to participate in the Giveaway must perform the following steps:-


a. Like Vitamode’s Facebook (

b. Tag 2 friends you think need to sleep more.


2. If any participants fail to meet the criteria mentioned in paragraph 3.1, the Organizer reserves the right to automatically disqualify them.

(4) How to win and the prizes of the Giveaway

1. Winners will be selected by a computerized random system. All selected winners will be announced by 3rd April 2023. Winners will receive a personal message on Facebook from the Organizer.

2. The Organizer has the sole discretion to determine the prizes each winner will win.


3. There will be a total of 50 units of Vitamode Sleep Eazy given during the following Giveaway period, 4th Mar - 31st Mar 2023.


4. All winners must send their personal details which include Name, Email, Mobile Number & Address via Facebook. Winners must reply to the Organizer within 5 working days of receiving the announcement notification, and the winners will be invalidated after the deadline.


5. All prizes awarded cannot be substituted for other prizes.


6. If anyone is found to have tampered with the entry method and/or the process of the Giveaway, or has violated the Giveaway’s terms and conditions or deliberately violated the law, the Organizer has the absolute right to disqualify them from participating in the Giveaway.


7. The Organizer's decision on the selected winners is the final decision, and the winner has already been secured. Any correspondence or objection will not be accepted.

(5) Duties and responsibilities

1. The Organizer, related companies or their affiliated companies, their agents and their companies related to this Giveaway will not accept any obligations arising from the participation of the Giveaway, and will not be liable for the losses arising from the Giveaway itself, redemption of the prizes or the usage of the prizes (including unlimited loss, indirect loss, specific loss or loss of profit caused by a certain result), consumption, damage, personal injury, or death (no matter it is caused by personal negligence or not), except for all obligations that cannot be avoided by law(the relevant obligations are legally approved to the minimum).

2. All qualified participants participating in the Giveaway agree to maintain, bear the loss and ensure that the Organizer is free from fines, claims, losses, damages and expenses for fouling, including the assumption of reasonable payment of lawyer fee that may be caused by the Giveaway.

(6) The rights of the Organizer

1. All personal details submitted by winners will belong to the Organizer. After participating in the Giveaway, each winner must agree to the Organizer to publish and/or use the names and/or photos of the qualified participants and/or all winners without paying any fees or without prior notice for advertising and/or promotional purposes. Qualified participants have no right to claim or retrieve the relevant items by other means.

2. Every qualified participant who participates in this Giveaway is deemed to have read, understood and fully agreed with all the terms and conditions of the Giveaway (including when they may be changed). The Organizer has the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Giveaway due to legal, technical or commercial needs, and all modified terms and conditions will take effect once they are published on social media. Please read these terms & conditions carefully at any time to understand whether they have been modified or not.

3. Once the Giveaway cannot be carried out as scheduled due to technical or damage issues including but not limited to computer viruses, loopholes, interference, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or the inevitability even if the Organizer has tried its best to defend but still outside its control, the Organizer reserves the right to modify, revoke or cancel the Giveaway.

4. Any terms and conditions adopted in this Giveaway, once illegal, rejected or unable to be enforced under the law or regulations, will not be implemented again (without affecting the validity of other terms).

5. Every qualified participant who participates in the Giveaway has agreed to read and understand the terms and conditions.

(7) Personal Data Protection Act of 2010 ("PDPA")

1. All winners participating in the Giveaway agree to the Organizer's use of their personal data to run the Giveaway and use it in any form or through any medium for any promotion Giveaway of the Giveaway.

2. All winners' participating in the Giveaway agree to Vitamode's Privacy Policy issued by the Organizer:

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