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Do You Know Someone Who Is Or Was Battling Cancer?

Malaysian woman at a hospital with visitor for cancer treatment

Let's begin by acknowledging that cancer is not a life sentence. It is a health challenge that can impact individuals from all walks of life. In Malaysia, Prostate Cancer takes the lead as the predominant cancer among men, making up 9.3% of cases, while Breast Cancer holds the top spot for women accounting for a substantial 32.9%.

Although it is a relatively common illness, let's prevent cancer development by consuming a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Your food consumption should include food that is rich in antioxidants to help combat free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.

Just keep moving. Vitamode advises to sit less, move more
Sit less, move more.

Did you know that sitting for a prolonged period can affect your health negatively? While it is relaxing to just chill on a couch, we should also take note of our sedentary lifestyles that can contribute to the risk of cancer development. Now you have a reason to start taking a stroll in the park or join the gym. Just keep moving.

Opt an alternative to alcohol. Alcohol contains a toxic by-product that can lead to cancer cell development
Say NO to Alcohol

Whether you are drinking away your worries, or just having social drinking sessions with your friends, you need to reconsider the damage that it does to you. Alcohol contains a toxic by-product that binds with our DNA, leading to cellular damage and incorrect replication, potentially forming cancerous cells.

Obesity can lead to many diseases, including cancer
Lighten the load, protect your body.

Another crucial tip would be maintaining a healthy weight! Obesity can lead to many diseases, including breast and prostate cancer. The relationship between weight gain and cancer risk differs across various types of cancer. For instance, the elevated production of estrogen from fat cells is believed to enhance the likelihood of developing postmenopausal breast cancer.

not all infections are the same. Do not brush it off, certain type of infections or bacteria may increase risk of developing cancer.
Defend and thrive tomorrow.

Inadequate health care, poor living conditions, and certain types of infections could contribute to cancer development. An example would be "Helicobacter pylori", a type of bacteria that infects your stomach and causes chronic inflammation that significantly increases the risk of developing gastric cancer. Hence, it is important to fortify our health with the right supplements.

Prevention is better than cure. Go for regular health check ups and screenings.
Early screening saves lives.

Taking proactive steps and opting for an annual screening is crucial in safeguarding our health. As the age-old adage wisely states, "prevention is always better than cure". Your path to well-being begins with lifestyle changes and a regular check up. Vitamode extends wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2024.