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K.K.L.I.U. 2730/2019


3 x 10's Vegetable Capsules

Naturally widespread in the human body, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is also produced in our bodies. It occurs in high concentrations in specific body locations serving different functions. The human body contains an average of 15g of HA. Vitamode® HA-flex Capsule consists of vegetarian friendly and easily absorbed HA dedicated to help increase HA levels in the body.


**This product is not available for delivery to Singapore.

HA-flex Capsule

SKU: MAL20172683NC
  • Each capsule contains: 

    • Sodium Hyaluronate - 116.60 mg (Providing 100mg Hyaluronic Acid)

    Adult: Take 1-2 capsules once daily, before meals.


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