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Keeping Yourself Strong At All Times

Updated: May 19, 2022

Our immune system does a remarkable job on a day-to-day basis in protecting us from getting sick. However, the immune system might occasionally fail us and allow disease-causing microorganisms to invade our body, making us feeble and weak. It is often through repetitive exposures to invaders that we build our immune system to be stronger. Even the strongest wall might shake but it should not collapse. While relying on our innate immunity to defend us, we should also continuously help it stay strong by learning about ways to boost immunity.

What can you do to boost your immune system?

The immune system involves a group of immune warriors that play their part integrating with each other to detect invaders. These warriors are just like normal cells needing nourishment as well. Some tips include :

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

Researchers have found that people facing poverty and malnourishment are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. Diet plays a vital role in nourishing our body cells especially immune cells which has to be fit all the time. According to rules from the food pyramid, more fruits and vegetables are recommended compared to foods rich in fat such as meat, poultry, cheese, butter and etc. Why so? Fruits and vegetables are richest in vitamins and minerals that help to boost your immunity. An intake of about 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is usually good enough. If you’re missing out on getting the recommended nutrition levels, you can add immune-boosting vitamins as a daily supplement to help build a strong immune system

Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake

People who smoke have been shown to have a reduced immune response. We might not see that as a problem but both smoking and excess consumption of alcohol increase free radicals in the body, leading to a condition known as oxidative stress which could cause harm to the immune cells. After a while, we have a suppressed immune system much like a weakened barrier which leads to ineffective self-defence. For that, we recommend a moderate intake of alcohol and cut down smoking as much as possible. After all, even taking the best vitamins for immune system won’t help if we don’t give our bodies a chance.

Regular physical activity

Virtually, those who are sedentary fall sick faster than those who are active. Regular physical exercise is encouraged to improve blood circulation and thus provide better nutrition and oxygen supply for a stronger immune system.

Have sufficient rest and stay stress-free

An overworked body or insufficient rest is often accompanied by elevated stress hormones where it is part of the body’s survival mechanism to compensate for the imbalance, often at the expense of your immune health. A good night’s rest on top of managing expectations and time is the key to a better-controlled life and a strong immune system. Remember to take things easy and stay stress-free!

Supplementing for an extra boost

Natural food would always be the preferred option for most people. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to shop and prepare meals with all the right recommendations. A variety of health supplements such as Vitamin C or herbal extract supplements can be added to your daily routine as an immunity booster.

A compromised immune system exposes us to unwelcomed infections. Keeping yourself fit and strong acts like vitamins for immune system for adults. On top of food and lifestyle changes, supplements to boost immune system are helpful.