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Chong Xin Hui

Image by Luis Reyes

As I reflect on my journey, I realize that life often leads us to unexpected places. My name is Xin Hui, and my path took an unforeseen turn during my time studying in Korea. What began as a struggle with binge eating transformed into a powerful story of resilience, self-discovery, and triumph.

The Struggle Within
Binge eating had become my constant companion, draining my energy and leaving me deeply unhappy. I felt trapped in a cycle of guilt and self-criticism. But amidst this turmoil, I stumbled upon Crossfit—a beacon of hope that would change everything.

The First Step into the Box
Walking into that Crossfit box for the first time, I was a mix of apprehension and curiosity. The weights, the pull-up bars, the camaraderie—I was about to embark on a new adventure. Little did I know that this place would become my sanctuary.

A Revelation in Movement
Crossfit wasn’t just exercise; it was a lifeline. As I engaged in the workouts, something remarkable happened. For the first time, I wasn’t punishing myself for overeating; instead, I found joy in physical activity. The sweat, the burn—it was liberating.

Challenging Mind and Body
Crossfit introduced me to a world of movements and skills I’d never imagined. From Olympic lifts to gymnastics, I pushed my limits. But it wasn’t just physical—it challenged me mentally too. I learned discipline, resilience, and the art of pushing through discomfort.

The Power of Community
What truly sets Crossfit apart is its community. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, we shared a passion for growth. We cheered each other on, celebrated victories, and supported one another through setbacks. In that box, I found the belonging I’d been missing.

Gratitude and Transformation
Looking back, I’m grateful for the day I stepped into that Crossfit box. It wasn’t just about getting fit; it was about transforming my outlook on life. Crossfit ignited a fire within me—a drive to become the best version of myself, both physically and mentally.

So here I am, Xin Hui, an athlete fueled by passion, resilience, and the unwavering support of my Crossfit family. My journey continues, and I embrace each challenge with open arms. Crossfit isn’t just a sport; it’s my way of life—a testament to the power of transformation.

I am Xin Hui, and I proudly represent Vitamode as an athlete.


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