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Meet Vitamode Athletes, the embodiment of relentless excellence. They never stop pushing limits, aiming for greatness in every move. Teaming up with exceptional athletes, we lead the charge in determination and peak performance.

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Strength, Endurance & Power:
Our Foundation

The path to success is rarely an easy one. It's a cycle of training, achievement, recovery, and the unwavering commitment to do it all over again. The foundation of that commitment lies in strength, endurance, and power. These values are a direct reflection of our athletes and their mental fortitude that propels them to victory.

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Supplementing Right

We recognize the vital role of knowledge in enhancing athletic performance. With Vitamode Athletes, our goal is to simplify the supplement world, providing you with valuable insights on fuelling the body, aiding recovery and promoting well-being. Empowering you with knowledge, we help you make smart choices for a better performance.

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Join Our Journey

Whether you're an athlete or someone passionate about fitness, Vitamode Athletes welcomes you. Together, let's celebrate resilience and determination, unlocking the extraordinary potential within you.


Join us in redefining what humans can achieve – one powerful step at the time.



Coach Aldrian

Team Time Triathlon

Team Time is resolutely committed to developing elite triathletes for top-tier competitions, with a focus on Olympic qualification and success in major regional events like the Asian Games and SEA Games. Securing sponsorship from Time Dot Com in 2016 was a proud moment that underscored our dedication.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we emerged stronger, recruiting new athletes and resuming rigorous training. Our goal remains to push the boundaries of triathlon excellence, inspire the next generation of Malaysian triathletes, and build on our past achievements to create a brighter future.

Coach Aziz

Train By Blackbox

Train by Blackbox is a local gym that prides itself on providing top-notch training facilities, personalized coaching and a vibrant community of individuals passionate about health and fitness. 
Train offers a diverse range of classes, from WOD (Workout of the Day) sessions to Olympic weightlifting and mobility classes, catering to individuals of all fitness levels.
Train is not just a place to exercise, but a place where individuals come to push their limits, build lasting friendships, and ultimately transform their lives through the power of fitness and community.



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