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K.K.L.I.U. 2381 / EXP 31.12.2025


30 Sachets

Vitamode® JointCare Plus Powder is a joint health supplement with an optimum combination of 1500mg glucosamine sulfate and 1200mg chondroitin sulfate in each sachet used as an adjuvant therapy for osteoarthritis. Treat knee pain, regain flexibility with Vitamode® JointCare Plus Powder.

JointCare Plus Powder

SKU: MAL18016097XC
  • Each sachet contains: 

    • Glucosamine sulfate - 1500mg
    • Chondroitin sulfate -1200mg

    Glucosamine is derived from seafood. Chondroitin is derived from bovine.

    Adult: Take 1 sachet once daily, before food.


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