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Are You Getting The Right Nutrients For Your Muscles?

Updated: Jan 23

Building muscle mass and getting fitter is the goal for anyone who is on a fitness journey. However, excessive workouts may cause injuries like muscle soreness and it can slow down our active lifestyle. Muscle recovery and feeding your body the nutrients and supplements it needs are important to keep improving your overall health and well-being.

Eat a meal with protein to supply energy and amino acids for muscle growth and help you to stay lean too. Here are some power food tips to consider adding to your meals for strong and healthy muscles:

  1. Water is important to replenish fluids before, during, and after a workout.

  2. Catfish is low calorie, high protein and rich in Vitamin B12, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in helping to repair tissue and muscle.

  3. Avocados are known as a superfood that is low in carbs, a great source of fibre and high in “good” fat to reduce inflammation and ease muscle pain. They’re also good for the heart and lower blood pressure.

  4. Cauliflower contains mineral boron, a nutrient that supports muscle building.

  5. Grapefruit with its powerful Antioxidants and high Potassium help reduce swelling and muscle cramp during a workout.

Research shows that adding HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) supplement to your diet prevents muscle breakdown, and improves muscle strength and physical performance effectively too.

Pacemakers Malaysia

With physically active individuals in mind, Vitamode invited a team of ultra-runners from Pacemakers Malaysia to try out Vitamode® HMB Powder.

Goh Shu Wei (photo dated on 20th Aug 2022, taken from Facebook)

“I take HMB Powder every day after meal. Can feel recovery and strengthened muscles.”

- by Goh Shu Wei

Ah Hong Testimony

Ah Hong (R) with Chow Seong Mun(L) (photo dated on 27th August 2022, taken from Facebook)

“I’ve been working out throughout the whole week and I did not feel stress on my muscle at all”

Ah Hong shared that her training schedule is packed with daily running, weekly pole fitness classes and recently participating in trail running. She experienced a breakthrough in muscle strength and no soreness while trying for half marathon distance the day after her pole fitness class on the 23rd day of taking Vitamode HMB.

Chow Seong Mun TTestimony

Chow Seong Mun (photo dated on 29th August 2022, taken from Facebook)

“I choose to take Vitamode HMB Powder to help with body repair and fight muscle loss. This is my 35th day of taking Vitamode, and I feel energized!”

Chow Seong Mun shared how he has stopped running for a few days due to a busy work schedule and he takes Vitamode HMB to help his muscles to stay strong and keep his energy level up so that he can complete his tasks effectively. He added that taking Vitamode HMB is like drinking juice.

Terence Ong Testimony

Terence Ong (photo dated on 11th September 2022, taken from Facebook)

“I used to experience pain and cramp in my muscles every time I run 21km and above.”

I usually need few days rest and a visit to the massage centre to recover from my injuries before I can participate in the next marathon. After taking HMB Powder, my muscles don’t feel pain anymore and it is stronger now. I can now run 31km with fast timing. My leg muscle feel so strong and able to recover very fast from morning running and I was able to run again in the evening. It improves my muscle recovery very fast.

- by Terence Ong

“Consuming a sachet of Vitamode HMB Powder managed to help me to recover faster and better so that I can continue my exercises the next day!”

- by Audrey Ong

Michael Wong Testimony

Michael Wong (photo dated on 25th September 2022, taken from Facebook)

"I take Vitamode HMB Powder these few days after my run activity. Personally, I feel it is not bad to try especially the following day, it reduced muscle soreness as well as enhances my recovery”

Michael Wong shared that as he started to consume Vitamode HMB Powder, he finds that his muscle soreness reduced and his performance improved. His muscles do no longer sore after his running activities.

HMB Powder Testimony

photo dated on 25th September, taken from Facebook

“I’ve been taking Vitamode HMB Powder consistently, feeling great as I’m able to juggle my work, train and finish 21km continuously for 3 weeks. “

HMB helps me recover better for the past 7 weeks with enough sleep and proper diet intake. I’m glad this product is readily available in cute sachets, easy to carry around and consumable after mixing with room temperature water,

- by Tham Sze Kei.

About Vitamode HMB Powder

Vitamode HMB Powder is specially formulated and designed in sachets for on-the-go drinking, easy to carry and individual packing.

Muscle strain, muscle pull or even a muscle tear refers to damage or injury to muscles or its attaching tendon. It is normal for muscle strain or injury to happen during physical activities or while performing work tasks. When this happens, it takes you away from sports and causes some anxiety in your mental and physical well-being. Signs and symptoms of a muscle injury may include:

  • Swelling, bruising, or redness due to the injury

  • Pain even while resting

  • Muscle inflammation

  • Muscle or tendons weakness

HMB is known as an “anti-catabolic” meaning it helps to prevent muscle loss. Taking HMB helps to prevent you from losing as much muscle so you can return to full strength quicker. It is also known for protecting muscles from training damage and reducing muscle soreness. This is what our Pacemaker friends shared too that they recover fast from their running activity and can start running again after consuming HMB.

Start building your muscle health today with Vitamode HMB Powder and don’t forget to eat high-protein food to build muscle, practice good posture during workouts and warm up properly before exercising to prevent injury.

Vitamode® HMB: Get a full workout from your desk

For the working adults: Get a full workout from your desk

Vitamode® HMB: Stretch your way to better recovery

For individuals with sports injury: Stretch your way to better recovery

Vitamode® HMB: Build stability one step at a time

For the seniors : Build stability one step at a time