Reduce Uric Acid Naturally, Prevent Gout Attack


Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night from a sore, red, warm, pain and swollen toe?  You may have experienced a gout attack.

How do we get high uric acid levels?

High Purine foods copy

Uric acid is a waste product which is broken down from high purine foods e.g. internal organs, seafood, alcohol and red meats. This process is catalysed by the enzyme known as xanthine oxidase.  In a normal condition, the kidneys process and excrete it out of our body. However when uric acid builds up faster than the kidneys can get rid of them, excess uric acid present in the bloodstream will form sharp uric crystals depositing at joint areas, causing inflammation, swelling and pain, particularly at our big toe. This type of inflammation is also known as a gout attack.  



With the advancement of health supplements, there is an alternative treatment for gout which can be used alongside medications or solely on its own for those who do not wish to start on medication.



Ayuric®, a natural xanthine oxidase inbihitor that is derived from the edible fruit known as Terminalia bellerica, an ancient, famous Ayurvedic plant traditionally used for the treatment of high uric acid levels. It possesses superoxide radical scavenging activity and inhibits uric acid formation due to its xanthine oxidase enzyme inhibitory activity.


Boswellia serrata


Boswellia serrata trees, commonly known as Frankincense, produce gum exudate that contains 3-Acetyl-11-Keto-Beta-Boswellic Acid (AKBA). AKBA is an anti-inflammatory constituent with a therapeutic efficacy for joint inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and knee pain. In general, Boswellia serrata is a natural anti-inflammatory herb which reduces inflammation, swelling, redness and pain especially for joint pain and related inflammatory conditions.



Drinking plenty of water may help in eliminating excessive uric acid levels in the blood and excrete out from the body. Besides, avoiding high purine foods like internal organs, red meats, anchovies, seafood and alcohol) may also help prevent the problem from worsening or recurrent gout attacks.

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