Muscle Matters!

Feeling frustrated and exhausted in dealing with muscle cramps, soreness, twitching or weakness in your limbs?

Unfortunately, regardless of age, these discomforts can be frustrating and difficult to deal with, and the search for answers can seem futile.

Over the years, there have been numerous on-going discussions in relation to good posture, the benefits of stretching and various lifestyle changes to improve muscle health and prevent muscle fatigue.

However, before we explore potential solutions, let’s understand how our muscles work.

Why do muscles matter?
“Oh dear, I’m excited about the hike this weekend but these stubborn leg muscles of mine are taking a toll on me!’

Muscles play a vital role in our body when it comes to mobility, balance, posture and strength. Our muscles are dynamic; muscle regeneration happens in equilibrium, where production and breakdown of muscle is a constant process.

However, as we age, these muscle breakdowns accelerate. When this happens, the cycle of muscle regeneration becomes less effective and efficient. This will then cause gradual deterioration in muscle health, leading to exhaustion, poor mobility and low energy levels.

Then how do we strengthen our muscles?

1. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
Nutrition can be critical if you want to maintain good muscle health. High protein food such as chicken, fish, nuts and eggs can be a good source to begin with. Do consider them when you want to allow your muscles to recover and regenerate after you have been active.

2. Strength-training exercise
Secondly, to reach your goal of gaining good muscle health, focusing on the right exercise is crucial as well. Experts recommend strength-training exercises or total body workout in order to improve balance, stability and flexibility. When we have strong, healthy muscles, it helps us to avoid injuries, falls, pain and other issues associated with getting older.

3. Enhancing your muscle health with the right supplementation
We may all have differing or varying views on consuming supplements. With the right choice of vitamins and minerals, we might be able to get our muscles to operate at its best!

What is HMB?
To further explore muscle health and the benefits of right supplementation, HMB, otherwise known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is an essential amino acid required by the muscles in our body. It is a natural substance, which functions to reduce protein breakdown, thereby retaining muscle strength.

HMB is naturally present in the food we eat. Despite the high concentration of HMB in our food intake, these amounts are still far too small to achieve a beneficial effect.

Therefore, supplementing your diet with HMB powder maintains muscle mass and decelerates muscle breakdown.

Is HMB for me?
Do you struggle to get out of bed each morning? Is it harder for you to recover from strenuous exercise? Do you feel lethargic easily? Are muscle aches and cramps a permanent fixture in your life?

Supplementing with HMB speeds up muscle recovery after exercise, injury or illness. At the same time, HMB significantly increases lean body mass, while reducing the percentage of body fat. The benefits of HMB in optimizing muscle health can be enjoyed regardless of how old or young you are.

To gain the benefits of HMB, at least 1.5g daily is needed. In order to obtain 1.5g of HMB from food, one will need to consume:

We make incorporating HMB into your daily life easier. Our Vitamode® HMB Powder is specially formulated with 1.5g of HMB in its calcium salt form β-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyrate (CaHMB).

At Vitamode®, we want you to live out your best life, free from discomfort. Embrace wellness, choose life!


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