Mum Myth #5: ‘Iced Drinks Are Bad!’

Being in the equatorial region, Malaysia is hot all year round, so we can’t be blamed for loving our drinks iced; we, Malaysians just love our ice! Iced water, lemon tea, iced juice and teh ais – whatever the drink, they all seem to taste better with ice!



Yet, for many of us, there was always one person who would disagree on our inseparable bond with ice. Like forbidden romance, our relationship with ice was and will always be frowned upon by none other than our dear mums.

We’ve never really been given a proper reason or explanation as to why ice is bad, but we’ve just always been told not to drink too much iced beverages. So, now is the time we settle this once and for all: are iced drinks really all that bad?

Let’s find out!


The Myth

‘Stop drinking iced drinks!’, ‘You’re drinking iced drinks again?’, and ‘Iced drinks are bad!’ are phrases we’ve probably heard too many times while growing up. Some mums tell their kids it’s because iced drinks will give you a cold, and some say it’s because ice will give you a stomachache. However, more often than not, no proper, scientifically-backed proof has been given to support the fact that iced drinks are bad.


Is It True?



Bad, bad news: unfortunately, ice is bad for you. Drinking too much iced drinks can affect your spleen and digestive system. It is said (link to:  that having your meal with a cold drink can solidify fats and turn food into a ‘sticky sludge that slows down your digestion’. Cold drinks also cause your blood vessels to temporarily shrink, hindering digestion. Rather than using energy to break down and absorb nutrients from the food you’ve consumed, your body now has to waste energy regulating your core temperature.

If you drink cold drinks after your meal, your body creates excess mucus, which can weaken the function of your immune system – which is probably why mum said you can catch a cold if you drink iced drinks!

Now, if you’re not convinced by the medically proven negative impacts of ice, this next piece of bad news may just keep you away from ice for good. Ice is actually pretty unhygienic. Ice is reported to be covered in bacteria due to it’s composition, production and handling. In a research carried out in 2013, six out of ten leading restaurants in Britain were serving ice that was found with more bacteria than water from their toilets!

What Can You Do About It?

If it’s an unbearably hot day and you can almost feel yourself melting into the ground, keep in mind that warm drinks can cool you down just as well as cold drinks! In fact – it may be hard to believe – but room temperature drinks might even be better (link to: at cooling you down than a glass of iced-packed drink!

And if you feel the need to have iced drinks, or simply love chewing on ice cubes, that may be a warning sign . The strong desire to chew on ice may be caused by underlying nutritional causes, such as a deficiency in iron (anaemia).

While ice isn’t healthy, it isn’t exactly life-threatening either. So, simply keep your iced drinks consumption to a minimum, and you’re set!


The Verdict

This Mum Myth has been proven to not be just a myth, after all. With medically and scientifically proven backings, ice is not as harmless as we think. And we’ve only got our mums to thank, for warning us about the dangers of drinking iced drinks too frequently.

See you in the next edition of Mum Myth, where we’ll explore Mum Myth #6!