INTERVIEW Hansen Lee: Yogi


1. How did you get into Yoga?
I started yoga about 10 years ago after I hurt my back. I was advised to do surgery to resolve my herniated disc by the Orthopedic doctor and I agreed. Unfortunately, the surgery relieved the sciatica pain issue, but caused a severe weakness in my lower back and I would get into alot of back pain. Finally, my chiropractor recommended me to take up pilates and yoga, so I did. I’ve been practicing yoga every since. 

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2. What is Yoga all about? How does it benefit our body?
The word yoga has several meanings, but the most popular one is “Union”. To unify our existence with our experience.  So there are many aspects of how to practice yoga. The Asana (Posture) is one of the physical aspects that has gained popularity in the more recent years. By engaging in the physical practice of yoga, one can enjoy benefits such as developing a stronger yet flexible body, a more calm and focused mind and a sense of connection to our being-ness as a human. 

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3. What are the difficulties/obstacles you face when you first started praticing Yoga?
Breathing easily while moving and flexibility are the most common challenges one would face in the beginning. But this can be improved through consistent practice and being mindful and present while on the mat.

4. Any advice/tip for beginners?
Breathe. Take it slow and be gentle with yourself.

5. With your packed schedule, how do you arrange your time to practice Yoga?
I try to wake up earlier most days to fit a practice in, which usually includes the physical practice, breath-work and meditation. Some days it might be a 2 and half hour practice, some days might be 20 minutes. What matters is the consistency.

6. Do you use any health supplements? How does it help?

Yes, I do take Vitamode® Superba Krill Oil and adaptogen like ashwaganda and maca, curcumin for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Besides that, I’ve been taking Vitamode® Ubiquinol CoQ10 for brain support and a plant based protein for muscle recovery.