[Interview] Alessandro Sherpa: Trail Runner

Alessandro Sherpa

Alessandro Sherpa

1. How did you get into trail running?

I was born on the Italian Alps, between green pine trees and blue lakes and was a competitive mountain biker. In the beginning of 2016, I moved to Asia to follow my entrepreneurial dream, related to steel and titanium products for the aerospace industry. Upon my arrival in Singapore, I had to start a new life. At the very beginning I was jogging around the city after office hours, just to unwind and clear my head. After a while, I moved to Penang (Malaysia) from Singapore where some of my business partners invited me to join a group of businessmen who would set up a run in the rainforest every Saturday evening, following some paper markings for several kilometers. These runs always ended with beers and jokes over a meal. It was the Penang Rainforest Hash that kept me away from sleepless clubbing nights out and introduced me to the thick equatorial jungle. 

And so I began a wonderful journey made of fulfilling business days and unwinding running evenings. 

This journey brought me to long distance runs, showing me the world, introducing me to awesome friends from different backgrounds and countries, breaking my limits and teaching me how to deal with problems and how to live life to the fullest.

2.What are the main challenges of running trail?alessandro sherpa

During an ultra you come across many kinds of discomfort. Dehydration, hypothermia, heatstroke and cramps are just a small part of the problems you pay for.

Someone said that an ultra-run is a life in a day. During more than 24 hours of running, you alternate from feeling on the top of the world to feeling completely miserable. But I believe that happiness is not the absence of problems but is related to our ability to deal with them. This is why we should never give up working on whatever we do. It gives us meaning and purpose.


3.What would be an achievement that you are most proud of?

Running at top level, traveling to new, wonderful places, making new friends, being able to inspire people and I am so blessed and thankful for.

I do not love running because of running itself, I love it because of all its surrounding elements: the supportive running community, the journey to and preparation before a race, the adrenaline rush, the satisfaction when you cross the finishing line, the lessons learnt from failing to complete a race.

4.How do you prepare yourself for a run?

By training hard, getting enough sleep and following a strict diet. As an extra boost, I am currently taking Vitamode Astaxanthin 6mg as a health supplement. Self-confidence is also key. 

All these factors add on to enhancing my performance in each race.


31689153_1876121252450487_3165834425539756032_n5.How has Vitamode Astaxanthin 6mg helped you in your runs? How long did it take for you to see an effect with the supplementation of Vitamode Astaxanthin 6mg?

I have been taking Astaxanthin 6mg daily since the beginning of 2018. It took a couple of months before we realised that it helps my body and about 6 months to completely change my recovery time.

Astaxanthin is what many of the world’s top athletes call their “secret weapon”. It’s the most powerful antioxidant in nature, and has been shown to improve athletics performances as well as faster recovery from exercises. There are several studies that prove how Astaxanthin increases an athlete’s power output by more than 15% contributing to making an endurance athlete faster and stronger.

Personally, I stopped experiencing cramps, even when I was severely dehydrated in 2 races earlier in the year. I am being trained by one of the best trail running coaches in the world, and considering that both my parents are doctors, I am not an easy one when it comes to my health. 


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