Are Your Muscles Getting the Rest It Needs?

The Lowdown:

  • You want to excel in your workout and you don’t want to catch a break.
  • But not resting muscles can be counterproductive. Your muscles need rest to grow and get stronger.
  • Learning to give your muscles a break and giving it the right nutrition will let you keep going and improve your performance.

You’re on a mission. You want to lift those weights; you must finish your run. But your muscles are killing you and your back is aching. “Can you go on?” You ask yourself. “No pain, no gain”, you remind yourself over and over again. You complete your goals and glow with pride. Then you tell yourself, “Tomorrow, I’ll be back and do it again!” Like the Terminator, you’ll be back stronger than ever, but is that wise?

Are Your Muscles Getting the Rest It Needs?


Give it a break

Like you, your muscles require time to recover. You see, every time you push your muscles you injure them slightly. Miniscule tears in your muscle fibres are normal during exercise. In fact, they are good for you as these tears stimulate muscle growth. It’s like trimming your plants and watching them grow more vibrant than before. But not giving your muscles time to recuperate will mean all that hard work would be in vain.


Not convinced? Here are some reasons why your muscles deserve a break:

  • Rest the nervous system. Your body first performs physical activities with its nervous system, then the mind and finally with its muscles. For example, when you lift weights for the first time your hands waver, shake and wobble. That’s your nervous system working.
  • Build muscle. Muscles can only get stronger and bigger by stimulating it with hard exercise. But rest will help it to recover and maintain that newly acquired strength.
  • Holistic body regeneration. All your muscles need rest and so does your whole body. If you ignore this your body goes into an “over-trained” state. In this state, your body is too stressed to recuperate properly.
  • Sustaining motivation. Feeling discouraged because of a lack of progress and poor motivation to train is largely due to a lack of rest. This can lead to burn-out and you giving up.

How much?

So how much rest do you really need? Your body has a specific need and there are no hard-and-fast formulas. It’s something you need to gauge for yourself but here are some factors to guide you: 

  1. How fast your body recovers?
  2. How hard you exercise?
  3. How often you exercise per week?
  4. How often, what and how much you eat?
  5. How long you exercise?
  6. How much stress you have or are able to manage?

Based on these factors you should have an idea of what is right for you. Rest can be a very hazy word so what activities can be considered rest?

  • Sleep/naps
  • Giving your body days off
  • Have hobbies
  • Doing pleasurable activities

Are Your Muscles Getting the Rest It Needs?

What now?

Now you know how rest affects muscle recovery, you must make time for it. But what about nutrition for your muscles? Nutrition is as important as rest, when it comes to muscle recovery. Without the right nutrition, your muscles don’t have the right building blocks to thrive. Hard exercise consumes a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals.

You may be inclined to load up on carbohydrates for energy but it does nothing for your muscle recovery. Consuming protein from diet or supplementation, particularly after workouts will help you recover faster. Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals too.

We all know that exercise causes stiff muscles and achy, painful joints. It’s something we endure. But how are you dealing with it? If you’re popping painkillers all the time, you’re doing your health more harm than good. Over time, you need a higher dose to dull the pain, not to mention the side effects of painkillers.

Are Your Muscles Getting the Rest It Needs?

What you really need is to address the cause. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain from exercise. So, instead of numbing it, why not contain inflammation? And boy do we have a solution for you! Our TUMECAP supplement has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is commonly used for joint and muscle pain relief.  So you never have to be a victim to pain again!

Rest is important for your muscles and body. It’s a reward for your hard work. Nothing is better than sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Don’t forget your nutrition as well, so you can get back to your workout faster!


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