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Welcome to our world of healthy living.



It all began in 2012, when an inspired moment struck during a hash run.

Vitamode® was developed to do just that. We exist to help people stay healthier and live better – the way they deserve and desire.

From our experience of serving healthcare professionals and collaborating with the world’s best research labs and manufacturers over three decades, we stand firm in our belief in a scientific approach to better nutrition.

That’s how we build a reputation of trust.



Our Brand Promise

“Empowering Wellness, Celebrating Life”

Is what our brand is all about. It strongly reflects our sincere promise of supplementing people with balanced nutrition to lead healthier lives full of energy and vitality so that our customers will be at their best to enjoy each special moment in life.

ap1_03 Products of Quality
We strive to offer products of the highest quality standards backed by science, wisdom and love.
ap2_03 People with Heart
We are deeply about our customers, our people and life. That is why we are passionate about responsible supplementing and helping everyone achieve their goal of optimal health.
ap3_03 Priorities that Matter
We believe that a life well lived is a life worth living. To help people thrive, we advocate the four pillars of wellness.


Balanced Nutrition

by eating and supplementing right for optimal health

Emotional Wellbeing

powered by positive thinking to achieve happiness everyday

Regular Physical Activity

to improve the quality of life

Adequate Rest and Restorative Sleep

to recharge


Vitamode’s Four
Pillar of Wellness



Our Focus

Backed by scientifically sound research data, we strive to promote optimal health with high quality, effective, affordable, and cutting edge formulations. We strive to provide an understanding of nutrition, lifestyle and supplement habits to  

empower people to stay in the pink of health and live life to the fullest.

Vitamode is the health supplement brand that you can trust with your health. What sets us apart is our focus on Quality, Purity and Potency.




Our products are manufactured in GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. This means that all phamaceutical manufacturers approved by us or exceed the global standards in production processes and asssured product quality, without posing any risk to the consumers or public.



We source only the best raw materials for our health supplements. Working only with the world’s most reputable suppliers to ensure that all our raw materials are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity.



We develop cutting edge formulations based on scientifically-proven efficacy and potency.