6 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

Getting enough sleep every night does not happen very often in this day and age. Whether it is a girls’ night out or a presentation that needs to be completed for work, it is common we sacrifice that much needed date with our pillows. Skimping sleep a day or two might not do us much harm but a few weeks? Our body could already be complaining about subtle signs we mostly ignore.

Always hungry and eating?
Poor sleep decreases the production of the hormone leptin (satiety hormone), which tells your brain you’ve had enough to eat. Lesser leptin leads to a constant feeling of hunger and a general slowdown of your metabolism. A sleep-deprived body can also increase the production of the hungry hormone known as ghrelin. When the signals to stop eating are all messed up, you end up feeling hungry and eating more. You will be more impulsive and probably find it harder to say no to a double cheeseburger which obviously leads to weight gain. *cries*
Poor cognitive
Forgot where you placed those car keys or if you popped those pills this morning? It is during sleep that the brain restores itself, preparing us for the next day’s activities. A lack of sleep leads to a slowed-down brain which can cause poor attention and short memory affecting students or executives’ that are very much dependent on their brain power. Sleep deprivation can also affect speed and higher-level processing such as making decisions at work. So if you have made some bad decisions at work, it could be your brain complaining of insufficient rest.

Your emotions are all over the place
When you’re tired, it is common to lose control of emotions in which you easily overreact towards emotional stimuli. It becomes easier to lash out at somebody who accidentally said the wrong thing. Or, it can be quite the opposite when you become overjoyed at incidents that happen on a daily basis.

You’re unusually clumsy
It’s normal that we sometimes lose balance and coordination of our limbs but if it happens a few times a day or if you have butterfingers, then it can be frustrating. A tired brain equals a slower response and thus delayed movements.

You get sick easily
Sleep quality is often an important predictor of immunity. The immune system produces proteins and antibodies that fight off infections from foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. These protective substances also help you sleep, giving the immune system more energy to defend against illnesses. A sleep-deprived body does not have a chance to build up its defensive forces and it could also be the reason why you can’t seem to shake off a common cold. Long term sleep deprivation also raises your risk of developing chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Bad skin condition
There is plenty of truth behind the phrase “beauty sleep”. Some people have perpetual skin problems due to a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation throws off skin balance and causes common problems like dryness, dull complexion, pimple breakouts, and dark eye circles! Maintain that glow with a complete beauty regime that includes ample sleeping time, good skincare products and an active lifestyle.

Finding the right sleep
Sleep experts generally recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for adults and more for growing children while less is expected among the elderly. Every individual has their own sleep patterns and habits. Some adults can function well with 6 hours a day while 8 hours make them groggy therefore, it’s important to find that balance and be consistent with your sleep. Tuck in early tonight and enjoy the rest!

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